Seeds, plants, cultivar
for a century the protagonists of our history. In the last decade they have become the subject of events and cultural projects about the rediscovery of our origins.


The Ancient Garden
from Babylon to Rome.

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Pompeii Botanical Garden
– Inauguration

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Polibio and Chaste Lovers Houses
– Inauguration


How do you do Pompeii!
Welcome to the Archaeological site of Pompeii.


Archeology and Nature in Naples bay:
10 itineraries between vegetation and history

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"Pompei viva": seeds and bulbs - the tradition
of seed companies in the Vesuvian area


Ager Pompeianus et Ager Stabianus
Scientific article

Promotional campaign for
Duchenne muscular dystrophy research

Pagano Catalog
Spring 1935

Tanzania project 2012

Artistic Photographic project for
communication activities


The Beauty of the Seeds - Company Video

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